Differences Between Original, V-Shape, and Booty Scrunch Leggings

Differences Between Original, V-Shape, and Booty Scrunch Leggings

Leggings have a lot going for them. They are no longer just stretchy pants one wears to the gym, around the house, or underneath their clothes. Leggings are stylish and when worn properly they can be elegant, classy, chic, stylish, and even professional. One of the biggest reasons people love leggings is because they’re so comfortable. There was a time that most leggings looked the same and they could only be found in solid colors. Since then, there are all sorts of styles, patterns, and color schemes it’s crazy. Today we’re going to look at some of the differences between the different styles of leggings available.

Original Leggings

Original body contouring leggings are super high-waisted. They support your stomach, waistline, back, booty, and hips. The high waist tummy control cinches your waist giving you an instant hourglass figure. They’re 100% non-see through which is great because it eliminates those embarrassing moments when you bend over and accidentally show your skin. The original high waist leggings pair well with just about any outfit and style you are aiming for. They’re comfortable and sleek. Some describe them as feeling buttery smooth even after being washed.

V-Shaped Leggings

V-shaped leggings also contain a high waist which supports your back and waistline. These leggings really make your booty pop. It produces the same hourglass figure as the original leggings with a twist. Your booty is elevated when wearing these leggings. The V shape allows your natural shape to stand out. The tummy control band cinches your waist to give you the instant hourglass figure while wearing them. The v-shaped stitching helps give your booty an amazing v-shape yet it is perfectly rounded and booming. 

Scrunch Booty Leggings

The scrunch booty leggings have the same v-shape as the v-shaped leggings with an added bonus, the booty scrunch. These leggings are amazing and have the same benefits as the v-shaped and original leggings when it comes to cinching the waist, having a high waist, and supporting the back and tummy. But, the scrunch booty leggings really define your booty lifting it and giving it a beautiful appearance. The seam down the middle is scrunched which scrunches your booty nice and tight. The seam is in a scrunched pattern and looks so cute! Some people think they’re going to look like they have a massive wedgie but that’s not the case at all.

All of these leggings are made from the same non-see through material. The leggings aren’t too thick and they aren’t too thin honestly, they’re just right. The comfort level is amazing and they look great too. Based on customer reviews all of these leggings are incredibly durable, comfortable, easy to care for, and a huge go-to when it’s time to get dressed. The fact that they all contour your body to help give you that highly sought after hourglass figure is reason enough to invest in a pair. There might be some awesome differences between these three sets of leggings but the outcome remains the same! Check out some of the amazing reviews and the different ways you can rock any pair of these leggings with confidence. 

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