Are You Wearing the Right Leggings for Your Body Type

Maybe you put on an extra five pounds around your waist line or your butt doesn't look as juicy as you want it too.  Fortunately, you don’t have to go under the knife just to look good in your clothes. Believe it or not, there are a pair of leggings that will best complement your body type. Whether you have short legs or a muffin top you can find a pair of leggings.

Short Legs

Do you have short legs? The ⅞ length leggings is quickly becoming an industry standard. These leggings fall above the ankle. If your petite full length leggings tend to bunch at the ankle which can be unattractive. 

Long Legs

What if you have long legs? You’ll need a pair of leggings that fit full length of your legs. You should opt for full length leggings or leggings with a long inseam that can be pulled over your heel. Also leggings made from ponte knit offers lots of stretch which you’ll need to fit over your legs. 

Muffin Tops

If you have a muffin top you just have a little more to love. No doubt, you want to feel confident and sexy in your leggings especially if you plan on pairing them with a top that’s made from a thinner material. If you have a muffin top you should select a pair of leggings with a wide, flat waistband which sucks the fat into a nice, smooth line. The truth is we all want a smoother midsection and the Best Leggings Ever control top leggings which will help make you look much slimmer. 

Plus Size

If you are a plus size woman finding leggings that supports your curves can seem like a challenge. Say hello to high waist leggings they can be a lifesaver. High waist leggings won’t roll down and they will cover your tummy. Slimming leggings made from sculpting fabric  can also be a godsend because it will highlight your curves in all the right places. 

Flat Booty

Do you hate wearing leggings because you aren’t so well endowed in the booty area? No worries. Our booty scrunch and butt lifting leggings can give you a boost in that department. booty scrunch leggings feature a clinched construction where the tailbone begins. Butt lifting leggings lifts your cheeks from the bottom to create a fuller appearance. This asset enhancing leggings can totally transform your butt.

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