How To Choose The Right Type of Leggings for Your Body Shape

Searching for the right pair of leggings? With the rise of athleisure wear, there are more legging styles available than ever. From cutouts, color blocks and cropped styles there is a wide variety to choose from that it can be difficult to determine what will look good on your body. Of course, when shopping for the right pair of leggings comfort is always key. Those of us who enjoy wearing leggings outside the gym finding leggings that fit the body perfectly is important.

Here are some tips for choosing leggings for your specific body type.

Hourglass Shape

A high rise legging is the best style for ladies who have been blessed with a coke body shape. The higher cuts in the waistline slim the midsection and emphasize the hips and most importantly the butt. Leggings with a side panel are also ideal for curvy women because it has a slimming effect and elongates the legs. 


If you’re on the petite side, finding the right leggings can be a challenge. The ideal pair for our fun-size ladies is a lower waisted style that stops right above the ankle. This style makes the legs appear a bit longer and gives the illusion of being taller than you actually are. Even prints, color blocks and sexy cut out designs compliments this body type. If you need a little help in the booty department consider investing in a butt lifting or booty scrunch leggings. These butt enhancing leggings can give you the curves you desire. 

Rectangle or Square Shape

If you have a rectangular or square-shaped body a cropped or lower waisted style is highly recommended. The perfect legging for this body type hits directly below the belly button which makes your waist look narrow and gives your body a defined curve. If you have this type of body, don’t be afraid to experiment with colors, prints, and even metallics. 

Triangular Body Shape

If you have more curves around the hips you’ll definitely want to make sure that you don’t choose a legging that doesn’t dig into your waist. Opt for leggings styles that have a foldover waistband that stops below your belly button. If you’re wider on the bottom you may want to sit out the bold colors and prints.  The Best Leggings Ever body slimming leggings offers compression around the tummy and hips. These leggings are perfect for masking your problem areas and gives you a smooth silhouette.

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