Leggings Are Mommy's Best Friend


No doubt, juggling home life and the professional world is the biggest challenge that mom’s face. That’s why mothers often give up style for comfort and sensibility. Fortunately, you can have both with a pair of leggings. Between hauling the kids into the car for school every morning and running errands mom’s need to to be able to move about freely. Another reason leggings are a go-to is because a quality pair can mask cellulite, untanned and unshaven legs. You’ll find that this staple accessory is much like the best friend you can’t go through life without.


Choose From Myriads of Styles and Designs

Just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable. Yes, leggings can purchase vast styles and colors. The plethora of colors allows for it to easily fit into your wardrobe and pair with virtually whatever you have in your closet.  From prints, solid colors and cut out designs you can opt for a look that leans towards sexy or chic. At Best Leggings Ever our hottest selling leggings are the booty scrunch leggings that are designed to accentuate a woman’s curve by rounding out and lifting the buttocks. If you’re looking for some help in the booty department these are definitely a great pair of leggings to invest in.


Long Tops Are A Must

When wearing leggings it’s best to always cover up the crotch. Depending on the fit leggings can create a camel toe. Also, a top that covers the backside is appropriate when wearing leggings outside the gym or your home. Moms can wear leggings with tunics, sweaters or layer it for a unique look or throw a dress over them. Easy to wear basics are always a must for flexibility.  Your top determines how casual or fancy your overall look will be.


Know Your Body

The key to looking great in your leggings whether it’s for casual wear or not it’s knowing your body. If you have thick thighs or stomach you’ll want to choose wisely what you wear with your leggings. We suggest you opt for leggings that have slimming properties. Our slimming band leggings compresses the tummy which smoothes out any bulges. Select free-flowing tops that don’t hug curves since they are great at camouflaging imperfections.


Scrolling through your closet has never been easier. Pick out your favorite and your most comfy pair of leggings and pair with a top of your choice.

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