5 Ways to Wear Leggings All Day And Still Feel Chic

Leggings are perhaps one of the most highly controversial items in your wardrobe. While it’s one of the most comfortable and practical pieces of clothing you’ll ever own, nobody can agree on whether they are appropriate for wearing outside the gym. This year, the biker short which in reality is just shorter leggings is a trend has reached an all-time high. From Instagram posts and magazine covers biker shorts are obviously the new “go to” look whether you’re running on the treadmill at the gym or you’re having a day of fun with the girls.

If you’re like me and you’re fed up with other people’s interpretation of what’s appropriate when you’re planning on thoroughly enjoying wearing your leggings all summer long whether you’re at the gym or not. Check out some of the style inspiration below so that you look super chic while rocking your leggings.

Biker Leggings and Heels

The best way to turn a casual pair of biker leggings into a stylish outfit that you can wear at the club is to throw on a pair of sexy heels. Whether you decide to pair them with a crop tight or a graphic tee the heels will show that you at least put some effort into the outfit. If you're not keen on the idea of the heel you can always throw on some tall boots for a sexy look.

Pattern Leggings Are Basically Pants

Don’t know what to wear with those funky patterned leggings that have been at the back of your drawer for months now? The great thing about patterned leggings is that you can easily get away with wearing them as pants. You can easily turn it into a fashion-forward outfit by throwing on a cropped t-shirt or sweater. Your top doesn’t even have to match with your leggings.

Black Is Classic

Of course, black leggings are a classic and they can easily transition into any space. If you plan on wearing them to work, simply throwing on a blazer you won’t be able to deny that you are a working professional.

Try A Sheer Overlay

If you’re interested in achieving an edgy look why not do something different like pairing your leggings under a sheer skirt or dress. You’re guaranteed to turn a head or two.

At Best Leggings Ever we offer a range of leggings styles including booty scrunch, butt lifting, and tummy control all of which are designed to enhance your natural curves. Every woman needs a pair of body-flattering leggings in her wardrobe.

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