Dos and Dont When Wearing Leggings

Best Leggings Ever  are truly a girl’s best friend. It's a fashion staple that should be in every woman’s arsenal because they are comfortable and can be dressed up or down. But with ”great things comes great responsibility.” Although, they are essential there are definitely are rules to the game. When worn improperly leggings can get a bad reputation for being tacky and cheap. Check out these basic do’s and don’ts for looking great in your leggings.

Do: Wear Leggings Under Short Dress and  Skirts

Wearing a solid colored pair of leggings under your short skirts or dresses is a great way to dress them up. Not only is this a surefire way to keep warm during the winter months but the look of tights will never die. To nail this style be sure to keep it simple and classic. Avoid pairing your dresses or skirts with a color or pattern you wouldn't normally wear like tights.

Don’t: Think That Leggings Are Pants

As comfortable as they are it’s important to remember that leggings are not a replacement for jeans and pants. Therefore, there are some instances in which your leggings are better off in your drawer. While leggings can be dressed up for the office or a night out some occasions call for more suitable clothing.


Don’t: Forget to Try Body Contouring Leggings

Body contouring leggings can enhance your assets and make you look more shapely. Butt lifting leggings are the most popular type of contouring leggings. They work by lifting your cheeks so they appear fuller and bigger.

Do: Wear A Solid Top With Printed Leggings

Love your printed leggings? Some people shy away from leggings with intricate designs and patterns. However, if you decide to wear them be sure to balance out the look by downplaying it with a solid colored top.

Don’t: Go for the Neon Colored or Crazy Print Leggings

If you don’t want to look like you stepped out of an eighties movies than you’ll want to leave the neon colored leggings for wearing around the house. Better yet, you should leave them in the store. Wearing busy leggings outside the house looks tacky. instead wearing a good pair of black V shape leggings can be a better idea.  

Do: Wear A Shirt That Covers Your Bottom

Unless you're going to the gym to workout, you should never just simply throw a t-shirt over a pair of leggings and go. This is especially so if the shirt doesn’t completely cover your butt. Put some effort in it or else you’ll look as if you’ve just crawled out of the bed. Even pairing a dress t-shirt with a blazer or sweater can a bit more style to the look.

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