Not All Leggings Are Made the Same

How many pair of leggings do you own? Leggings are truly a woman’s best friend. If you’re like most women, you more than likely own more than one pair of leggings. As you know, this is the most comfortable and versatile piece of clothing that can easily transition from day to evening. While they may all look similar, not all leggings are made the same. In fact, being aware of the differences in the leggings can very well help you select the right fit that is flattering and perfect for the occasion.

Differences In Legging Materials

One of the biggest differences in leggings are the materials that they are made from. You’ll find that leggings are all made from a variety of fabrics which include; polyester, cotton, wool, spandex, and nylon. Cotton is a breathable fabric that offers great stretch which makes leggings that are made from this material ultra comfortable. However, over time cotton leggings will lose its shape unless it’s combined with other stretch fibers like spandex which can better hold a stretch over time.

Most leggings that are specifically designed for activewear are made with a percentage of spandex. Spandex is stretchy and it contours to the body showing off every curve. Spandex on its own wouldn’t be an ideal legging choice because it would be sticky and suffocating. Leggings with a percentage of spandex are often blended with nylon. Nylon is a durable and lightweight material that is just as comfortable as cotton.  When both of these materials are combined together you can expect great style and performance.

Body Shaping Leggings

Body shaping leggings are all the craze because they instantly enhance your natural figure. Here at Best Leggings Ever we make shaping leggings that compliment all body types. We even offer plus size body shaping leggings. Shapewear leggings can enhance your problem areas like the tummy area by compressing the fat which will ultimately smoothen out the area.

Booty scrunch and butt lifting leggings are different from your traditional pair of leggings because they are specially designed to improve the look of the buttocks. The butt lifting feature works by providing an added lift to the bottom of the butt making it appear rounder and fuller. Our booty scrunch leggings are crafted with a seam that separates and lifts the cheek for added volume. Compared to regular leggings, body shaping leggings are an investment because they help make any figure look good.

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