What To Look For When Shopping for Leggings

By now, everyone knows that  Best leggings ever are a girl’s best friend. They are at the forefront of the athletic wear trend and if you pick the right pair they can from the gym to the office. Finding the perfect pair of leggings can be a challenge because not only do you want them to fit right but the right pair of leggings will accentuate your curves. Since what may look good on someone else won’t always work for you, it’s not wise to search for a similar fit. There are many different types of legging styles. We’re going to show you what to look for so you can choose the perfect pair for you.


When shopping for leggings the first thing you’ll want to pay attention to is the fabric. Whether you’re going to be simply working out in them or wearing them throughout the day you’ll want to select a pair with fabric that has performance properties. Moisture-wicking, breathability, and stretch are all important so that it feels good against your skin especially when you start sweating. If you have muscular or thicker thighs and legs then it may be important to have leggings that easily support your body’s movement. In this case, you’ll want to select a pair that has a thinner feel but still durable.

The density of the fabric definitely depends on the season. During the winter months, you’ll want to opt for leggings that are made of thicker fabrics such as fleece since they will keep you warm. Thinner fabrics should be reserved for the summertime.


Of course, no matter what your body type is you’ll want whatever pair of leggings you wear to fit close to your body.  Every woman should have a pair of body contouring leggings. The great thing about this kind of tights is that they enhance what you’re already working with for a seamless look. Butt lifting and booty scrunch leggings work to give your butt a noticeable lift making it appear rounder and fuller than what it is.


Before you purchase a pair of leggings you’ll want to consider the type of activity you’ll be engaging in when wearing them. If they are for workout purposes then it's important to select a pair that is going to stay in place while exercising. In this case, high waisted leggings can be a godsend. Yes, high waisted leggings adequately support your hips and butts. They are highly functional because they allow you to simply focus on the task at hand.

Also, when shopping for leggings you don’t want to forget to:

Check the seams- The seams should be flat. A raised seam could cause irritation and friction.

Look For A Gusset - The gusset is the diamond or triangle shape stitch in the crotch area. This is what will ultimately determine whether the leggings will be riding up or if you can expect wedgies.

Test Opacity - Of course, you don’t want your leggings showing all of your goods. Make sure you try them on to make sure you can’t see through them.

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