Why Booty Scrunch Leggings Are Popular


There are literally hundreds of different legging styles. From fleece-lined leggings that can keep you warm in the winter to booty scrunch leggings that rounds out the dierre, there are numerous options available to you. But what are your favorite celebrities wearing? A simple scroll through Instagram can attest to the current trend of butt enhancing athleisure wear, in fact, the booty scrunch” hashtags have about 35.5K posts.


One of the biggest celebrity endorsers of the booty scrunch leggings is Celeste Braun a former WWE Diva also known for her alter ego Kaitlin. In fact, Celeste is known to have spearheaded the whole booty scrunch legging movement. Why exactly has this style been popping up everywhere?


Booty-Shaping Quality

Unfortunately, most of us weren’t blessed with plump bottoms like our favorite celebrities. However, the great thing about booty scrunch leggings by Best legging ever is that they can instantly boost the average bottom making it appear visually fuller and rounder. Yes, booty scrunch leggings enhance what you already have naturally. These days it’s all about being bootylicious and embracing one’s curves. Our booty scrunch leggings allow you to just that.


Scrunch leggings are constructed with a with a cinched design element that sits right between the butt cheeks. Yes, it emphasizes the glute muscles without flattening the bottom. The ruching in the middle is what visually separates the cheek and lifts them ensuring that all eyes are in your bottom.


Sleek High-Quality Material

Our body contouring booty leggings are made from a sleek, versatile and quality material. Designed with performance fabric you’ll be wearing a pair of leggings that are not only comfortable but stain resistant but has moisture wicking properties providing protection against sweating. This means that it can be practical to wear all year round.


In the eighties, leggings were viewed as fitness fashion. In recent years, celebs like Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Vanessa Hudgens has made wearing leggings outside the gym ultra sexy. Booty scrunch leggings are casual enough to be paired with your favorite pair of sneakers as well as the super chic pair of heels sitting in the back of your closet.


Are Scrunch Booty Leggings Here To Stay?

Coined as the most flattering and affordable type of legging for the dierre its safe to say that these booty shaping leggings are here to stay. It takes several months to build a nice butt. Yet scrunch booty leggings creates instant results. It just doesn’t get any better.


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